Pupil Transportation

Education Law 305(14)(g)

Education Law

ยง  305.  General  powers  and duties. The commissioner of education is  hereby charged with the following powers and duties:  14. g. Notwithstanding the provisions of  this  subdivision,  section  one  hundred  three  of  the general municipal law, or any other provision of  law to the contrary, the board of education shall be authorized to enter  into a piggyback contract with another school district  that  transports  students   pursuant   to   a  contract  with  a  private  transportation  contractor, provided that the board finds  that  the  contract  cost  is  appropriate  and  entry  into a piggyback contract will result in a cost  savings to the school  district.  For  purposes  of  this  paragraph,  a  "piggyback contract" means a contract for the transportation of students  that:  (1)  provides  transportation to a location outside the students'  school district of residence to which another school district is already  providing  transportation  to  its  own  students  through  an  existing  contract   with  a  private  transportation  contractor,  other  than  a  cooperatively  bid  contract;  (2)  is  entered  into  by  the   private  transportation  contractor  and  each  school district involved; and (3)  provides for transportation in accordance with the terms and  conditions  of such existing transportation contract.

Last Updated: August 15, 2019