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School Emergency Response to Violence (Project SERV) Hurricane Sandy Disruption Grants Application


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Project Purpose

Hurricane Sandy, which struck New York on October 29, 2012, had significant impacts on school districts and BOCES in lower New York and Long Island. Over 175 schools were located within the storm surge zone, resulting in tremendous damage to numerous facilities. Project SERV funds are intended to provide education-related services to LEAs in which the learning environment was disrupted as a direct result of Hurricane Sandy. Project-funded costs must be in addition to costs that would have been incurred absent Hurricane Sandy. Only the listed allowable activities will be funded to restore a sense of safety and security and assist students and LEAs respond to the displacement of facilities due to the storm. These services may include mental-health assessments, referrals and services; leasing of space to substitute for damaged buildings; emergency transportation; temporary security measures; and overtime pay for teachers, counselors, law enforcement and security officers, and other staff.
Project Funding Source U.S. Department of Education-Project SERV (School Emergency Response to Violence) under the Safe and Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act.

Project Reimbursement Period

Reimbursement expenses must occur within the project period of October 29, 2012– June 30, 2013. The Final Expenditure Report & NYS Standard Voucher must be submitted no later than July 30, 2013.


  1. Public school districts that suffered damage and/or educational disruption in counties declared eligible for FEMA Public Assistance outside of New York City, including Nassau, Orange, Putnam, Rockland, Suffolk, Sullivan, Ulster and Westchester Counties. See Attachment 1 and Attachment 2.
    • Educational disruption is defined as displacement of facilities due to the storm, changes or additions to transportation requirements, interruption of educational services requiring additional teaching, counseling or security staff or hours, or physical damage requiring temporary security costs to protect the learning environment.
  2. School districts must file a Damage Assessment Survey with the Office of School Operations – Facility Management by 5/15/13. If your district has not done so, it must before submitting your application. (see: https://usny.nysed.gov/docs/sandy-school-damage-survey.doc) Please contact Carl Thurnau, Coordinator of Facility Planning, at 518-474-3906 with questions or concerns related to this request for information. Please email completed forms to EMSCFP@mail.nysed.gov

Basis of Award

Project funds will be awarded based on the severity of the Hurricane Sandy-related educational disruption and the applicant district’s fiscal capacity and educational need. Applicants will be ranked according to their documented costs as a percentage of the district’s Total General Fund Expenditures (TGFE), as a proxy for the fiscal impact of the storm. The districts will then be stratified into three weighted impact bands (0-0.25%, 0.25-1.0% or greater than 1.0% of TGFE) Districts will then be eligible for reimbursement of their costs, based on which Need Resource Category they are in, the Department’s standard analytic framework for fiscal capacity. See Attachment 3. Funds will be awarded to the highest need resource categories first and to those with the highest percentage of damage, until funds are extinguished. No single award will be for more than 10% of the total grant funds available.

Application Requirements School districts are required to apply to SED to receive funds under this program. The Application includes a cover sheet (See Attachment 4 in grant application document), a program narrative (See Attachment 5 in grant application document) and an Eligible Cost Spreadsheet (see Attachment 6 in grant application document.) Applications must be certified and submitted by the Chief Administrator.
Application Submission

Applications must be submitted electronically to emscmgts@mail.nysed.gov by 5/15/2013.
A hard copy with original signature must be postmarked by 5/15/2013 and mailed to:

New York State Education Department
Office of Educational Management Services
Room 876 EBA
Albany, New York 12234
Attn: Project SERV Application

Date Posted

April 12, 2013

Last Updated: May 10, 2013