Teacher Quality & Professional Development

Monitoring ESEA/NCLB Title II Part A
Teacher Quality and Professional Development monitoring

The purpose of monitoring for ESEA/NCLB Title II A is to assess:

Monitoring formats

A sample of LEAs are selected to be monitored every year. Monitoring may take one of three forms:

  • File review only:
  • Desk audit of existing, and requested additional, materials including:
  • Desk audit and on-site visit, including review of evidence provided, as well as interviews with key district staff and, in some cases, separate interviews with teachers.

Districts may wish to use the monitoring materials below to self-assess their compliance with ESEA/NCLB teacher quality requirements.

2010-11 Desk Audit and On-Site Title II A Monitoring Rubric

Teacher Interview Protocol

The criteria for selecting LEAs to be monitored include:

District identification status (for highly qualified teacher status and student performance)

  • District size and need (per enrollment and poverty factors that affect allocational amounts)
  • Fiscal or other indicators of risk
  • How recently the LEA has previously been monitored for this, or other, NCLB Titles
  • Selection for coordinated (or, in the case of Charter schools, comprehensive) monitoring visits
Public school districts to be monitored in 2010-11 – coming soon Districts to be monitored will be contacted via the Superintendent’s office to establish an available date. Every effort will be made to work with the district to minimize disruptions to normal school and district activities.
Last Updated: September 29, 2010