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Child Counts for Institutions for the Neglected


No Child Left Behind

Consolidated Application Update

2013-2014 Child Counts for Neglected




Albany Equinox Youth Shelter/Domestic and Transitional 15
Albany Equinox Youth Shelter/Equinox House 18
Albany Parson's Child & Family Center 83
Albany St. Catherine's Center-Copson 16
Albany St. Catherine's Center-Hubbard 7
Ballston Spa Captain Youth Shelter Home 13
Bay Shore Mercy First/Bay Shore -Brightwaters Residence 4
Bayport/Blue Point Mercy Center Ministries/Mercy Residence 1
Bedford Abbott House/Mt. Kisco 5
Bellmore-Merrick Catholic Charities/Regina Residence 3
Berkshire (Special Act) Berkshire Farm Ctr. & Svc. For Youth 50
Binghamton Children's Home/Wyoming Conf. - Emergency 12
Binghamton Children's Home/Wyoming Conf.- Ardsley 10
Binghamton Children's Home/Wyoming Conf.-Boys 7
Brentwood Mercy First 8
Brewster Green Chimneys School 97
Brookhaven-Comsewogue Long Island Adolescent/Family Services/Port Jefferson 3
Buffalo Child & Fam Svc/Conners 28
Buffalo Child & Fam Svc/Morey 4
Cheektowaga-Sloan Child & Fam Svc/Lee Randall Jones Res 7
Chenango Valley Children's Home/Wyoming Conf.-Diagnostic 15
Chenango Valley Children's Home/Wyoming Conf. -Residential 27
Deer Park Mercy First/Deer Park Residence 1
Deer Park SCO Family Services/Shining Point 5
Ellenville Family of Woodstock/Midway II 4
Farmingdale Hope for Youth/AOBH 5
Garrison St. Basil's Academy 9
George Jr. Republic (Special Act) George Jr. Republic 17
Greenburg Eleven (Special Act) Children's Village 89
Greenburgh-Graham (Special Act) The Graham School 17
Greenburgh-North Castle (Special Act) St. Christopher's Inc./Clark 54
Greenburgh-North Castle (Special Act) St. Christopher's Inc./REACH 22
Greenburgh-North Castle (Special Act) St. Christopher's Inc./Kaplan Career 16
Greene Children's Home/Wyoming Conf.-Stillwater 18
Hawthorne Cedar Knolls  (Special Act) Jewish Board of Family and Child Services 81
Hyde Park Children's Home of Poughkeepsie 14
Hyde Park Children's Home of Poughkeepsie/YMP Fulton 3
Hyde Park Children's Home of Poughkeepsie/YMB Hackett 4
Hyde Park Children's Home of Poughkeepsie/Fulton Group Home 4
Hyde Park Children's Home of Poughkeepsie/Hillman 2
Hyde Park Children's Home of Poughkeepsie/Clyde 6
Kingston Family of Woodstock/Washbourne 9
Kingston Family of Woodstock/Midway 1 1
Kingston Family of Woodstock/Family House 22
Kingston Family of Woodstock/Family Inn 7
Levittown Hope for Youth/Seaford Group Home 7
Liberty Abbott House/Swan Lake 4
Little Flower (Special Act) Little Flower 52
Lockport CSD Community Mission/Aurora 8
Longwood Long Island Adolescent/Family Services/Ridge 2
Merrick Mercy First/Merrick Residence 8
Middle Country Long Island Adolescent/Family Services/Centereach 6
Middletown Honorehg, Inc./A Friends House 17
Mt. Pleasant Cottage (Special Act) Jewish Child Care Association 77
Mt. Pleasant-Blythedale (Special Act) Mt. Pleasant-Blythedale 50
North Shore SCO Family Services/Tyree Learning Center 56
Ossining Cardinal McCloskey Children's Svc/Highland 9
Patchogue-Medford Mercy Center Ministries/Mercy Center 1
Pleasantville Abbott House/Comm. Residence 7
Poughkeepsie Hudson River Housing/River Haven 16
Randolph (Special Act) Randolph Children's Home 8
Red Hook Devereaux Foundation 6
Rhinebeck Astor Services for Children and Families/Learning Center 61
Rochester Center for Youth Services 27
Rochester Salvation Army-Genesis House 6
Sayville Mercy Center Ministries/Mercy House 2
South Orangetown Cardinal McCloskey Children's Svc/Tappan 7
Syosset Mercy First/Campus 111
Syracuse Elmcrest Childrens Ctr/Emergency 9
Syracuse Elmcrest Childrens Ctr/AOBH 6
Syracuse Elmcrest Childrens Ctr/RTC 34
Syracuse Elmcrest Childrens Ctr/Hard to Place 35
Three Village CSD

Long Island Adolescent Family Services/Stony Brook

Wheatland-Chili Crestwood Children's Center 22
White Plains Abbott House/OMR Mamaroneck 5
Yonkers Julia Dyckman Memorial/Orchard School 69
Yonkers Leake & Watts Services Inc. 37
Yonkers Yonkers Residential Center/Phillipse 4
Yonkers Yonkers Residential Center/Herriot 2
Yonkers Yonkers Residential Center/N Broadway 10
Bronx Catholic Guardian Society/Fort Independence 4
Bronx Catholic Guardian Society/Howe 4
Bronx Catholic Guardian Society/Rosalie Hall 6
Bronx Jewish Bd. Fam.&Child. Svcs./Henry Ittleson 35
Bronx Jewish Bd. Fam.&Child. Svcs./Ittleson Bronx 9
Bronx Jewish Bd. Fam.&Child. Svcs./Bruner 6
Bronx Jewish Bd. Fam.&Child. Svcs./Westchester 6
Bronx Leake & Watts Services 5
Bronx SCO Family Services 5
Kings August Aichorn/Dean 24
Kings Boys Hope/Girls Hope LaSalle Hall 34
Kings Boys Hope/Girls Hope  McCauley Hall 42
Kings Jewish Bd. Fam. & Child Svcs/M'lochim 4
Kings Jewish Bd. Fam. & Child Svcs/Mishkon 1
Kings Jewish Bd. Fam. & Child Svcs/Gan Mishkon 1
Kings Mercy First-McAuley Residence 1
Kings Mercy First-Virginia Residence 4
Kings SCO Family Services 22
Kings Steinway Child and Family/E92 Residence 5
New York August Aichhorn Ctr/School 29
New York Cerebral Palsy-UCP/Waterside 6
New York Good Shepherd Svcs/Marian Hall 5
New York Green Chimneys School/Gramercy 7
New York Green Chimneys School/AOBH 1
New York Incarnation Childrens Center 7
New York Metropolitan Hospital 34
New York New York Foundling/Commeford and DeSales 7
Queens Abbott House/E Elmhurst 23
Queens Jewish Child Care/Utopia 1
Queens Jewish Child Care/Hillcrest 3
Queens SCO Family Services/Theresa Paplin 42
Queens SCO Family Services/87th AOBH 2
Queens SCO Family Services/LIC AOBH 1
Queens SCO Family Services/Hollis Court AOBH 1
Queens SCO Family Services/175th Street AOBH 1
Queens SCO Family Services/114th Road AOBH 2
Queens SCO Family Services/107th AOBH 3
Queens SCO Family Services/Montauk Street AOBH 2
Queens SCO Family Services/169th Street AOBH 1
Queens SCO Family Services/103rd AVenue AOBH 6
Queens SCO Family Services/Bethany II GR 5
Queens SCO Family Services/Our Place Community Residence 7
Queens SCO Family Services/I Can Community Residence 7
Queens SCO Family Services/Beach 38th Street AOBH 4
Queens St. John's Residence for Boys 32
Queens St. Vincent's Services, Inc./Jamaica Group Home 2
Queens St. Vincent's Services, Inc./Richmond Hill 2
Queens Steinway Child and Family/Comm. Residence 5
Richmond Cerebral Palsy of NYS Inc./Nina 4
Richmond Jewish Bd. Fam. & Child Svcs/Ch Comm Residence 8
Richmond Jewish Bd. Fam. & Child Svcs/Gellar Residence 40
Richmond New York Foundling/Residential 14
Richmond New York Foundling/Center for Lifetime Growth 3
Richmond St. Vincent's Services, Inc./Meirs East Group Home 2
Richmond St. Vincent's Services, Inc./New Brighton Group Home 8
Last Updated: November 8, 2013