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District ESEA/NCLB Title II A Application for Funds Improving Teacher Quality State Grants

How to apply for Title II A LEA funds

Districts and charter schools apply for the use of their ESEA/NCLB Title II A formula funds through the annual Consolidated Application update process. The application itself specifies what must be included; generally, in addition to cross-cutting documents such as Private School Participation and the use of Scientifically Based Research, the application will include narrative that outlines professional development needs and strategies and responds to federal requirements; an FS-10 budget; and a budget narrative that is sufficiently clear regarding proposed expenditures to allow reviewer confidence that such use is appropriate for the Title.

All applicants must respond to Question 1 in the Title II A section of the Consolidated Application; and we recommend that LEAs also provide updated needs assessment information in response to question 2. If applicants are using Title II Part A funds for Class Size Reduction, they must answer questions 2 and 8.


How Title II A funds may be used

Narrative description of allowable uses external link(ESEA/NCLB Section 2123, Local Use of Funds)

Outline of allowable uses by budget category

Set-Asides for Nonpublic Schools and Special Act School Districts
For Title II, Part A



Last Updated: June 12, 2017