Office of Accountability

School Improvement Grant 1003(g)

Q & A on Teacher and Principal Evaluation
Implementation in Transformation and Restart  Schools

Q:  If a district has a PLA school that is currently implementing an intervention model for purposes of a federal School Improvement Grant, what are the SED requirements for implementing the new evaluation system as required by Education Law §3012-c? 

A: New York Education Law §3012-c only requires implementation of the new evaluation system for teachers in common branch subjects, ELA or mathematics in grades 4-8 in 2011-2012 and their building principals.  However, as a condition of funding under the federal School Improvement Grants, Section 1003(g) , SED is requiring that all PLA schools that adopt the transformation or restart models must implement a rigorous, transparent, and equitable evaluation system for teachers and principals that “takes into account data on student growth as a significant factor.”  To ensure that the weighting of student growth is consistent with the requirements of Education Law §3012-c, SED defines “significant” as meaning that at least 20% of such evaluations be based on student growth.  This definition will help districts prepare for full implementation in 2012-2013, as is required by Education Law §3012-c, while at the same time satisfying the federal transformation model requirements for implementation of an evaluation system based in part on student growth.

Therefore, SED is requiring LEAs with SIG approved transformation or restart schools to:

  • Implement the new evaluation system as required by Education Law §3012-c with fidelity in 2011-12 in all of their transformation and restart schools for classroom teachers of common branch subjects, ELA or math in grades 4-8 and their building principals;
  • For all other classroom teachers and building principals in schools implementing the transformation or restart model, Commissioner’s regulation §100.2(o) must be implemented in 2011-2012 and provide SED with a comprehensive explanation of how the district is using student growth data as a significant factor in those evaluations;
  • Implement the new evaluation system as required by Education Law §3012-c with fidelity in 2012-2013 for all classroom teachers and building principals.
Last Updated: February 16, 2012