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SES Questions and Answers

The following are the NYSED responses to questions from the November 3, 2010 SES RFQ Application Orientation Session held in Albany, NY:

Q. If an LEA applies to become an SES provider is it the sole provider for the district?

A. No. School districts need to allow all approved providers serving the district an opportunity to provide services if interested.  Parents are the ones who decide what provider (from the approved provider listing serving the district) they want to use. Additionally, districts are required to provide parents information on all providers that have contracts with the district as well as information on how parents can access the NYSED SES Provider catalog (

Q. Are all LEAs eligible to become a provider?

A. Yes.  However, if you are a school/district in need of improvement (DINI/SINI) for the 2010-11 school year, you may apply to become a provider for the 2010-11 school year only.

Q. When will applying providers know status of their application?

A. The Department is hopeful that the applications will be reviewed by February-March.  Notification of approval or disapproval should follow shortly after.

Q. When can newly approved providers start providing services?

A. Providers can start providing services once they are notified that they are approved if the district SES enrollment window is still available and the district timeline for entering into contract negotiations with approved providers is still open. In New York City (NYC) the contract talks with providers is during the month of April only. If NYSED approval letters are sent later than April newly approved providers will not be able to enter into contract talks with NYC until the 2011-12 cycle, with services beginning during the 2012-13 cycle. Similarly, the Big Four Districts (Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, and Yonkers) also have timelines for contract talks. Newly approved providers for those districts can reasonably expect to begin providing services in the fall of 2011-12 unless those districts have a summer (2010-11) SES program. For districts other than NYC, SES contracts usually occur either late spring or during the summer months.

Q. Where can I find a district’s 2010-11 SES Per Pupil Amount (PPA)?

A. The NYSED NCLB web link shown below will give to access to the 2010-11 district SES PPA.

Q. How can I find out if a school/district is identified for improvement and must offer SES services

A. Schools and Districts in Need of Improvement.  The list which contains Title I Status, and indicates which schools are identified for improvement can be found at .

Application/RFQ Questions Received between 05/19/06 and 05/26/06:

Q. Would a New York State Conditional Initial Certification meet the criteria for evidence of a New York State teacher certification for supervisor of an SES program?

A. Yes. This first-level certificate for classroom teachers is issued to individuals holding a teaching certificate in the same or equivalent title from a state party to the Interstate Reciprocity Agreement, but who have not yet met the NYS testing requirement. The certificate holder has up to two years to meet the testing requirements to qualify for an Initial certificate.

Q. If an agency just wants to submit changes and is already approved, does NYSED want multiple copies of the application, or is that just for new applicants?

A. All applicants, including those who are applying for a substantial change or technical modification to their approved application, must submit five copies of the RFQ by the deadline.

Q. Please tell me the deadline for receiving applications. 

A. The deadline for the current application period is June 30, 2006.

Q. Would it be appropriate to state that we serve students with limited English proficiency provided that our curriculum contains strategies for English Language Learners to ensure that content is accessible to them, even if we do not have a bilingual curriculum or have translators available?

A. Yes.

Q. Should the RFQ contain any monetary aspect/cost structure of the provision of services even though this component is determined by the LEA and the Provider?

A.  Applicants are not required to provide cost structure information in the RFQ.

Q. The RFQ does not mention the use of any incentives/rewards.  Should Providers mention them in the application?  Do you have any guidance on this issue?

A. Applicants should provide a detailed and accurate description of their program in their response to the RFQ. NYSED has not yet issued guidance on the issue of rewards and incentives. It is also important to note that approved Providers must comply with all NYSED policies, procedures, and regulations and that they are responsible for keeping updated on current and revised documents issued by NYSED.

Last Updated: November 7, 2013