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TITLE I ARRA – YEAR 3 (2011-12) Table of Unallocated/Carryover Funds

NYSED have found almost $80,000 of unallocated Title I ARRA funds that have now been dispersed proportionally to the eligible LEAs. LEAs that also have unexpended balances that are now available for use have been informed through individual E-Mails. If your LEA did not receive an E-Mail and received a Title I ARRA allocation back in 2009, you are invited to submit an FS-10 for 2011-12 to claim your LEA’s portion of the unallocated funds (see 2011-12 ARRA Allocations Report at ).

ONLY ALLOWABLE EXPENDITURES will be accepted.  The project number should begin with “502112” and conclude with the last four digits of your regular Title I project. Please use 9/1/11 – 8/31/12 as the project period dates.

The most efficient way to handle the completion and approval of this FS-10 is to take enough already approved expenditures from your REGULAR Title I (project 002112____), submit them on this FS-10, and then let the unexpended funds from the 002112 project roll over into 2012-13.  Please be mindful of any possible effect these extra funds might have on the 15 percent carryover limitation, and be vigilant that the expenditures claimed on the ARRA FS-10-F are not duplicated in the regular Title I FS-10-F.

We would hope this process would be concluded at our end by 6/15/12; any delay in meeting this submittal/approval date means more reporting requirements through the ARRA reporting system and a possible disallowance.

If you decide to claim these funds, please submit one original and two copies of an FS-10 (NOT an FS-10-A) with an explanation of the expenditures claimed (can be done in the body of the FS-10 if it fits; otherwise, use the Budget Narrative form the Consolidated Application) and send it directly to:

Office of Accountability
Rm. 365 EBA
Albany, NY 12234

If you desire (and to avoid any protracted involvement with either Grants Finance of the ARRA Reporting System), you may also submit the related FS-10-F in the same envelope.

 If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our office at:

Last Updated: June 22, 2012