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Memo to the Field from Roberto Reyes, State Title I Director, Title I School & Community Services


To:                  Superintendents of Schools and Heads of Charter Schools LEAs

From:              Roberto Reyes, State Title I Director

Subject:           Title I ARRA Allocations

            As we move closer toward the end of the 27-month life of the funds allocated to the NCLB Title I Program under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), I would like to provide an update regarding the status of each LEA’s Title I ARRA allocation.  The ability to encumber these funds ends on August 31, 2011.  Should any LEA not be able to meet that deadline, please contact my office as soon as possible.  In no case will these funds be available for obligation beyond September 30, 2011.

A list identifying each LEA’s allocation status is available at: .  We hope to update the information on this site periodically.

The list is available in both alpha and BEDS Code order.

Explanation of the different status designations:

(1) Zero Balance = LEAs that either had no Title I ARRA allocation, or expended their entire allocation in 2009-10 and have submitted their FS-10-F.

Action Needed:  None

(2) Possible Zero Balance = LEAs that have not as yet submitted a 2009-10 FS-10-F, but budgeted the entire allocation for that period.

Action Needed:  Submit 2009-2010 FS-10-F

(3) Negative Balance = LEAs that received 2009-10 FS-10 approval before the final allocations were posted.  When the FS-10-Fs are processed, those LEAs will be limited to the final allocation amount and face recovery of any excess disbursements previously claimed. 

Action Needed:  Submit 2009-2010 FS-10-F

(4) No 10-11 Budget = LEAs that have closed out their 2009-10 project, have funds remaining, and have not as of yet had a 2010-11 budget approved.

Action Needed:  Submit 2010-2011 FS-10 or, where applicable, respond to SED inquires regarding a submitted 2010-11 FS-10

(5) Potential Loss of Funds = LEAs that have closed out their 2009-10 budgets, have an approved 2010-11 budget, and still have funds remaining.

Action Needed: These LEAs will need to submit an FS-10-A (Budget Amendment) in order to make use of these funds.  Amendments should be submitted as soon as possible but in no case later than 8/31/11.

(6) Open 2009-10 and 2010-11 Budgets = LEAs that have not as yet had their 2009-10 budget closed on the Grants Finance system and have already submitted a 2010-11 FS-10.

Action Needed:  Submit 2009-2010 FS-10-F

(7) Open 09-10 Budget but no 10-11 = LEAs that have neither closed out their 2009-10 project nor submitted a 2010-11 budget for approval.

Action Needed:  Submit 2009-2010 FS-10-Fand wait for approval:  then, submit 2010-2011 FS-10

(8) No 2009-10 Budget = LEAs that have an allocation and did not submit a 2009-10 Title I ARRA FS-10.

Action Needed:  Submit 2010-2011 FS-10 or wait for approval of an already-submitted 2010-2011 FS-10

(9) Fully Budgeted Allocation = LEAs that have submitted budgets for 2010-11 that liquidate the remainder of their ARRA allocation. 

Action Needed:  none at this time however, LEAs should continue to monitor expenditures and ensure that the full budgeted amount is expended before submitting 2010-11 FS-10-F

I strongly advise LEAs to locate your status on this listing and act accordingly.  All FS-10 budgets (with budget narrative) and FS-10-A budget amendments should be mailed to Grants Management, NYSED, Room 674 EBA, Albany NY 12234.  Please send an original and two copies, plus one copy of a budget narrative for the FS-10s. If you should have any questions, please feel free to contact my office at T1ARRA@MAIL.NYSED.GOV or 518-473-0295.

Cc:  Education Management Services
Grants Finance



Last Updated: December 7, 2011