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Title I ARRA - Year 2 (2010-11) Budget Guidance

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The following guidance is being provided to assist you in closing out remaining ARRA funds. In order to close out the statewide project account by the required deadline, the project period for the second and last year of Title I ARRA is being changed to 9/1/10 – 8/31/11. Should an LEA still have any unobligated funds as of 9/1/11, they should contact our office to determine the best course of action. NYSED strongly advises LEAs to expend their ARRA funds in their entirety well before the end of the second project year and submit their FS-10-F for approval, in order to minimize the risk of losing any of these funds. PLEASE NOTE: ALL FUNDS MUST BE OBLIGATED BY 9/30/11, OR THEY WILL BE RETURNED TO USDE.

Please keep in mind that the Title I ARRA funds are Title I funds, which means that the use of these funds must conform to the Title I requirements. LEAs can review the Allowable and Unallowable Expenses for Title I on the Consolidated Application Update web site ( If time permits, the Office of Title I School and Community Services may be able to contact LEAs that propose unallowable expenditures prior to approval, as was done for 2009-10; however, LEAs should expect to receive approved budgets that exclude any questionable expenses, which will necessitate filing an FS-10-A in order to access the subtracted funds.

2010-11 Submission Options:

Option A: Subtract the total of the first year’s budget (as it appears on NYSED’s Grants Finance web site) from the Title I ARRA allocation and submit the 2010-11 FS-10 by August 31, 2010. Then, when the FS-10-F for 2009-10 is approved and processed, submit an FS-10-A for any additional carryover (the difference between the 2009-10 budget and actual expenditures on the approved FS-10-F).

Option B: Submit the 2009-10 FS-10-F first (it can be submitted at any time an LEA has made all 2009-10 expenditures) and wait for the FS-10-F to be reviewed. Then, submit an FS-10 for 2010-11 for the remaining Title I ARRA funds. No FS-10-A would be necessary, unless an LEA wishes to move funds between budget categories. In any case, an LEA may not begin obligating these funds until an FS-10 has been received by NYSED in a substantially approvable form.

2010-11 Title I ARRA Submission Instructions Important Note: Please do not include Title I ARRA - Year 2 (2010-11) budgets when submitting the Consolidated Application Update. ARRA budgets should be submitted separately and marked ATTN: 2010-11 Title I ARRA.

Required Forms:

NO OTHER PAPERWORK IS NEEDED (application, assurances, etc.)

Project Period for 2010-11:

September 1, 2010 to August 31, 2011 (9/1/10 – 8/31/11)


There are no 2010-11 Title I ARRA allocations. Only 2009-10 carryover may be budgeted.

Project Code:

5021-11- The last four digits are the same as your other NCLB budgets.

Due Date:

Option A: August 31, 2010
Option B: After your 2009-10 ARRA FS-10-F is reviewed

PLEASE NOTE: LEAs may not begin obligating funds until NYSED receives your 2010-11 FS-10 in a substantially approvable form.

Mailing Address:

LEAS outside New York City:
Grants Management
Room 674 EBA
New York State Education Department
Albany, NY 12234
ATTN: 2010-11 Title I ARRA

LEAs in NYC (including NYC Charter Schools):
New York State Education Department
Title I School and Community Services
55 Hanson Place, Room 594
Brooklyn, NY 11217
ATTN: 2010-11 Title I ARRA


For additional information or assistance, please contact: T1ARRA@MAIL.NYSED.GOV
Last Updated: December 14, 2011