Office of Accountability


The Written Report

  • The DS/SED and NYC/SED have the major responsibility for organizing, managing, and editing the written reports for all participating schools and in the case of the Focused and Comprehensive On-Site Reviews, leading the oral reports.
  • All members of the SQR Team are responsible for contributing to the development of the oral and written reports. The text will be written in “measure,” concise and jargon-free language.
  • The report for the Basic Paper Review is based upon an analysis of the completed Quality Indicators (QI) document, the CEP and other supporting documentation submitted by the school.
  • The report for the Focused and Comprehensive On-Site Reviews emerge from the direct observations and exploration of the school’s work during the visit.
  • The written report provides the collective perspective of the SQR Team.


Please refer to the written report template



Last Updated: December 1, 2010