Office of Accountability


The responsibilities below are central to a school’s involvement in the School Quality Review (SQR).  A school must fulfill these responsibilities to make the review a success.

Before the On-Site Review:

  • The staff of the school will identify a small group (1-3) to take part in the SQR.  The team should consist of the principal or assistant principal, two or three teachers, and a content area specialist, based on the identification of the school. Team members will aid in the completion of the Quality Indicators document and compilation of the supporting evidence, as well as assist in the identification of recommendations, to be used in the creation of a school improvement plan.
  • Obtain a copy of the Quality Indicators (QI) document from the Office of Accountability website or from your SED liaison.  Carefully review the instructions with all person’s involved in the self assessment.  Members of the school team will complete the document and collect supporting evidence.
  • Before mailing the completed QI document to the team leader (SED), ensure that items checked off on the Quality Indicators Supporting Documentation documents are included.
  • Provide members of the SQR review team with a master schedule indicating teacher name, subject area, class meeting times, and class number or code, a bell schedule, and a map and directions to your school.
  • Provide a list of 3-5 parents, with contact information, that would be willing to be interviewed, either on site or by phone, during the SQR.

During the Review:

  • Provide a room in the school for the reviewers to work. This should be a private space that team members can use as a home base where they can write, leave their review materials, confer for the entire visit.  A room with computer access is preferred.
  • Provide a location for interviews of parents and staff.
  • Provide a location for the final day of the review for the SQR Review team to discuss its initial findings with administration and/or faculty.
  • Inform staff that the SQR team will be visiting several different classrooms throughout the visit. 

After the Review:

  • Read carefully and discuss the SQR Review Team report with the school leadership team.
  • Schedule a meeting with staff members to discuss the findings and recommendations of the SQR Review Team. Elicit advice and suggestions from school staff and teachers on how to improve teaching and learning in addition to other areas identified in the report.
  • Develop the two-year Improvement Plan and begin to implement recommendations found in the SQR report.  Submit completed Comprehensive Educational Plan (CEP) to SED.
  • Submit the SQR grant application or complete amendments to align funding with the recommendations from the final report.


Last Updated: December 1, 2010