Office of Accountability

Office of Accountability

Differentiated Accountability School Quality Review


When reviewing teaching and learning, the primary concern of the SQR Team members will be the students’ learning progress and achievements.  The process of reviewing teaching and learning with the Basic Review will involve exploration of those aspects of the schools’ work that impact upon teaching and learning. A collective perspective will be reached by the Team, based on their analysis of the documents submitted.

General steps in the process are as follows:

Before the Review: 

  • SED conducts an orientation session for the SED Designated Representatives in the Rest of State (ROS) and in New York City for the NYC Department of Education (NYCDOE) regarding review protocols and review procedures.
  • The SED Designated Representative will provide training and technical assistance on the SQR process to the school superintendent and principal.
  • The school superintendent and/or principal inform the school staff about the review process and protocols.
  • School principals complete the Quality Indicators (QI) document and submit it to the SQR Team.
  • The SQR Team will consist of the principal or assistant principal, two or three teachers, a content area specialist and other staff as needed.  (5-7 total)

During the Review:

  • The Team reviews the alignment of instruction and assessment with NYS Learning Standards and performance indicators for the identified content area and subgroup not meeting Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP), as well as how students are grouped for instruction based upon their needs.
  • The Team analyzes the Quality Indicators document submitted by each school, the Educational Plans, accountability reports and other supporting documentation.
  • The Team completes the last column of the Quality Indicators document entitled, SQR Team Comments/Suggestions/Recommendations, based on the information in the completed Quality Indicators and other supporting information, using the review criteria and Supporting Documentation document. A completed copy of the Quality Indicators document is submitted to the SED Designated Representative in ROS, with a copy of any Educational Plans and other supporting documentation.  In NYC, the completed documentation is submitted to the DOE Review Team.
  • The Team identifies findings and recommendations and constructs the written report.

After the Review:

  • The SQR written report (and electronic copy) is submitted to the SED Designated Representative who forwards it to SED in ROS, with a completed copy of the QI document and a copy of the Comprehensive Educational Plan (CEP) if completed.  In NYC, the SQR written report (and electronic copy) is submitted to SED.
  • School staff should use the findings and recommendations as a basis for discussion and planning for the remainder of the SY 2010-11 and for the development of the two-year CEP for SY 2011-12.




Last Updated: December 1, 2010