Office of Accountability


These protocols are designed to help each team member fulfill his/her responsibilities.

  • Team members are visiting their school colleagues as reviewers, not as evaluators.
  • Team members should avoid asking questions with implied answers, i.e., “Don’t you think…?”, “Isn’t it better to…?”, “Why don’t you…?”
  • Team members should respond to questions from staff members as appropriate; however, avoid discussing your school, your program, or your philosophy with staff.
  • Team members’ comments and discussions about the review must be kept in strict confidence.
  • Classroom visits should be planned for a full period or lesson, as much as possible.
  • Enter and exit each classroom with a minimum of intrusion or disruption.
  • Team members should write notes, comments and questions as legibly and as inconspicuously as possible.
  • Team members’ notes will be used at discussions and to inform the development of the collective perspective.
  • Request for materials should be directed through the Lead SQR Reviewer, who will then make request for the materials needed at the school site from the proper person(s).
  • Review team members are to be present during the oral presentation.
  • The Lead SQR Reviewer and review team are responsible for the writing of the final report and submitting the report to the New York State Education Department in the timeline designated.



Last Updated: December 1, 2010