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Public School Registration

In accordance with section 100.21(c) of Commissioner’s Regulations, the New York State Education Department requires that a school district submit the appropriate forms, no later than March 1st of the previous school year for a:

  • new public school opening in September of the next school year (elementary, intermediate, middle, junior high school or high school)
  • public school modifying the grade organization during the school year
  • public school changing its name or location
  • public school that is closing
In extraordinary circumstances, when the March 1st deadline cannot be met, 100.18(c) of Commissioner’s Regulations states that school registration documents can be submitted at least 90 days prior to the opening/modifying of the school.

The regulations also require the district to submit a copy of the Board of Education resolution to open the school. In addition, the Department requires that all submissions for the closure or modification of an existing public school must include a copy of the Board of Education resolution.

The Commissioner will review the submission of requests for new schools before recommending their approval to the Board of Regents. If it is satisfactorily demonstrated that the school will be operated in an educationally sound manner; follows applicable statutes, rules and regulations relating to public schools; and will operate in accordance with applicable building codes and pursuant to a certificate of occupancy, the school may be approved. Petitions submitted by March 1st will be presented to the Board of Regents for action, at its May or June meeting.

Districts are required to submit all school registration documents to  The links to the school registration forms are provided below. Please review the guidance above and the forms below to direct you through the school registration process.

Districts must submit the appropriate forms, per the changes/additions they seek to adopt along with a signed Board Resolution, which explicitly illustrates all actions taking place in the district.

  • If the district will be making changes to more than one school it is required to submit a District Summary:
  • The district must submit a school a "Request to Modify an Existing Public School or to Register for a Public School" form for each school in which a change is being made: Request to Modify:
    • Word Request to Mofidy an Exisiting Public School or to Register for a Public School (89KB)|PDF Request to Modify an Existing Public School or to Register Public School (109KB)
  • To register a new school, submit Form A and the Petition:
    • Petition for the Registration Issuance of a Public School and Form A:
      • Word Petition Word file (65KB)|PDF Petition PDF file (93KB)
      • Form A: Word Form A Word file (163KB)|PDF Form A PDF file (151KB)
  • To change the registration status of a public school due to the addition or removal of grade levels (new grade configuration), complete and submit the following forms:
  • School Impact Form: Word School Impact Form Word file (133KB)|PDF School Impact Form PDF file (146KB) (for each school receiving students because of the change in grade configuration)
  • To change the name or location of an existing public school, complete the following form:
  • To phase-out and/or close an existing public school, complete the following form:
    • Form D:Word Form D Word file (152KB)| PDF Form D PDF file (158KB)
    • School Impact Form: Word Form C Word file (182KB)|PDF School Impact Form PDF file (146KB)(for each school receiving students because of the closure)

In the event that a school district merges two or more schools or transfers organizational responsibility for one or more grades from one school to another, the school district must request that the Commissioner review the accountability status of the affected schools to reflect such organizational changes.

Questions about school registration can be addressed to Dr. Paulette Coppin, Associate in Instructional Services, Accountability, Policy and Administration at (718) 722- 4553.  All school districts must submit their summary, forms, and/or all other paperwork via email to  Please note that all signature pages must be sent via postal mail to:

Office of Accountability
New York State Education Department
55 Hanson Place, Room 445A
Brooklyn, NY 11217


Last Updated: February 19, 2019