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October 2014

...a monthly update on the New York State Education Department’s Office of Accountability (OA) activities relevant to school districts, schools, the education community and other stakeholders.

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AIS Regulations Adopted

The Regents approved amendments to the Commissioner’s Regulations that allow school districts continued flexibility for the 2014-15 school year in the provision of Academic Intervention Services (AIS) for students who performed below Level 3 on the grades 3-8 ELA and mathematics assessments but at or above cut scores established by the Regents.

The Regents Item and approved amendment can be found at:

Amendments to Part 154 Adopted by the Board of Regents

After nearly three years of public engagement, the Board of Regents at its September 2014 meeting adopted amendments to Part 154 of the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education intended to strengthen instruction, programming, and outcomes for English language learner (ELL) students.

The revised regulations contain amendments pertaining to:

  • The process for identification of ELLs
  • Parent Notification and Information
  • Retention of Identification and Review of Records
  • Placement Program Requirements and Provision of Programs
  • Grade Span and Program Continuity
  • Exit Criteria, Support Services and Transitional Services
  • Professional Development
  • District Planning and Reporting Requirements

The amendments to Part 154 took effect on October 1, 2014 for implementation beginning with the 2015-16 school year.

The Regents Item and proposed additions of subparts 154-1 and 154-2 of the Commissioner’s Regulations can be found at:

In September the Board of Regents also directed the Department to issue for public comment proposed technical revisions to the recently adopted regulations, as well as proposed amendments pertaining to criteria for identification of ELLs who are students with disabilities. More information about these proposed amendments can be found at:


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Educational Services for Recently Arrived Unaccompanied Children

On September 10, 2014 New York State issued a memo to all school districts regarding educational services for recently arrived unaccompanied immigrant children, many of whom may be eligible for services under the McKinney-Vento Act.

Topics addressed in the memo include: Enrolling Unaccompanied Immigrant Children, Immunizations, and Additional Resources for School Districts.

The memo can be accessed at:

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Grade 8 Mathematics Double Testing

On September 22, 2014, the United States Department of Education granted New York another one-year waiver (for the 2014-15 school year) that allows students who attend grade 7 or 8 and who take a Regents examination in mathematics to be exempted from taking the corresponding grade level mathematics assessment.  For these students, participation and accountability determinations for the school in which the student attends grade 7 or 8 will be based upon such student’s performance on the Regents examination in mathematics. 

Participation and accountability determinations for the high school in which such student later enrolls will be based upon such student's performance on mathematics assessments taken after the student first enters grade 9. 

Districts may continue to have students take both the grade 7 or 8 mathematics assessment and a Regents examination in mathematics, in which case participation and accountability determinations for the school will be based upon the students’ performance on the grade 7 or 8 mathematics assessments and the students’ Regents examinations results are “banked” and can be used for high school participation and accountability purposes.

In October, the Board of Regents will discuss amending Commissioner’s Regulations to conform them the approved waiver.

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Diagnostic Tool for School and District Effectiveness (DTSDE) – District Integrated Intervention Team (IIT) Representatives

The School and District Review Team is requesting that districts with Priority and Focus Schools provide the name of District Representatives serving on the DTSDE IIT visits, and the name of the district-supplied Outside Educational Expert (OEE), if applicable, to: by Monday, November 3, 2014.

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September Diagnostic Tool for School and District Effectiveness Institute (DTSDE)

The Office of Accountability expresses its appreciation to all participants and presenters who attended the DTSDE Institute on September 22-23, 2014.

The training session included six groups that were specifically designed and targeted toward all district representatives who will be participating on state-led IIT review teams or leading district-led reviews, principals of Priority or Focus Schools, district-selected OEE, designated staff of the Regional Bilingual Education Resource Network (RBERN) and Special Education School Improvement Specialists (SESIS).

Specific topics discussed included:

  • Accountability Status: Removal Strategies
  • Effort vs. Impact
  • Rubric Myth Busters
  • Statement of Practice (SOP) Connectivity
  • Thinking Big Picture
  • Recommendations

Materials from the September DTSDE Institute have been posted online. To download materials please visit: institute/DTSDEPresentations.html#September2014

The next DTSDE Institute will be held on January 8-9, 2015 at the Empire State Plaza Convention Center located in Albany, NY.

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Issuance of Credits to Students Who Have Completed Coursework Provided by a State Agency

Effective October 1, 2014, the Board of Regents amended section 100.5(d) of the Commissioner's Regulations to require that principals of registered public high schools grant transfer credit to a student when a state agency, such as the Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS), attests that a student has completed course work that is aligned with the applicable New York State commencement-level learning standards that meets the requirements for the award of units of credit including, but not limited to, the requirement for 180 minutes of instruction per week throughout the school year. The instruction must have been provided by a teacher certified pursuant to Part 80 of this Title.

This amendment was made in order to:

  • Expand opportunities for students to receive high school credit for work completed while enrolled in an educational program operated by a State agency.
  • Create consistency across the State in how coursework completed at State agency facilities is credited.
  • Provide an incentive for students to re-enroll in school once released from State agency facilities.

SED will, later this school year, disseminate to districts additional information on the process by which agencies such as the Office of Children and Family Services will provide attestations to schools regarding credits that principals must award for work completed by students in these facilities.

More specific information about the amendment of Section 100.5(d) of the Commissioner's Regulations can be found at:

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Growth Reporting System (GRS) Available for Educators

The secure online GRS is available for authorized teachers, principals, and district personnel in districts and charter schools to view their 2013-14 State-provided growth results and data. Student rosters are available for download within the system.

For information about the Secure Online Growth Reporting System:

For information regarding the Resources about State Growth Measures please visit:

For a video explaining growth scores please visit:

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APPR Evaluation Ratings

Final submission of 2013-14 staff evaluation ratings and scores are due to NYSED on October 17, 2014. Local Level 1 data centers will require earlier due dates to allow sufficient time for processing.

For more information about APPR Evaluation Ratings please visit:

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Local Assistance Plan (LAP) Self Review Document Reminder

In accordance with Commissioner’s Regulations, a district in Good Standing that has a LAP School(s) will be required to work with each identified school(s) to complete the Diagnostic Self- Review Document and Report Template.

For districts in Good Standing, the Diagnostic Self-Review Document and Report Template must be approved by the local board of education (or the Chancellor in New York City) and posted to the district’s website by November 21, 2014. The Diagnostic Self-Review Document and Report Template can be found online at:

Focus Districts with LAP Schools are required to work with the identified school(s) to complete the applicable sections of the Self-Review Document and Report Template and incorporate the supports and interventions for the identified school(s) into its District Comprehensive Improvement Plan (DCIP).  The deadline for posting the DCIP to the district website was the first operating day of the school year.

SED has posted an informational pre-recorded webinar regarding the completion of the Diagnostic Self-Review Document online:

Direct access to the webinar can be found at:

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Update of Contact Information for Focus and Priority Schools

In order to ensure that contact information for districts and schools is current, we are requesting that all districts and schools designate an individual who will update new contact information on an as needed basis as soon as each change occurs.

This designated individual should submit:

  • The updated contact information for new staff and/or staff who have assumed new roles
  • Deletions of the contact information for staff no longer employed within the district or school

The information should be sent to on school or district letterhead.

Please include the staff person's:

  • name
  • position (title)
  • phone number
  • location

Thank you for your attention to this request.

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November 2014

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