Office of Accountability

NCLB Self-Assessment Requirements for 2009-10

The No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act requires that all public schools, charter schools and districts be included in the State accountability system and that adequate yearly progress (AYP) be determined for each public school, charter school and district. This requirement includes schools and districts with small enrollments, alternative instructional programs, or any configuration of grades Kindergarten through 12 that do not participate in the regular state accountability program.  Schools for which a self-assessment may be required include those in which:

  1. the highest grade level is 2 and is not identified as a backmapping school
  2. the only grades enrolled are 9, 10 and/or 11
  3. fewer than 30 continuously enrolled students participated in either the 3-8 or high school assessments in English Language Arts (ELA) or mathematics in 2009-10 and 2008-09 combined; or
  4. a self-assessment was performed for the school year 2008-09.

To comply with this requirement and Commissioner’s Regulations Section 100.2(p), these schools are asked to download and complete the self-assessment form from the New York State Education Department website The deadline to e-mail the completed form for elementary and middle schools is June 18, 2010 and for high schools it will be August 13, 2010. Forms should be e-mailed to

Student achievement results in ELA/reading and mathematics must be provided for each grade level or ungraded configuration in which students are enrolled.  Where available, pupil achievement data obtained from a nationally-normed achievement test may be submitted.  Data disaggregated by subgroup must be provided if there are more than 30 students in an accountability group in any grade or aggregate of grades.

Please note that irrespective of the Self Assessment outcome, should the State Education Department subsequently determine that sufficient state assessment results are available to make AYP decisions using these results for a school or a district, SED will replace the Self Assessment determinations  with the decisions from the regular AYP process.

Unless the State Education Department makes a determination that extenuating circumstances prevented a school or district from completing forms in a timely manner, a school/district that is required to participate in the self-assessment process will be designated as failing to make AYP for the school year 2009-10 if the completed form is not received by the required date.

Questions about the self-assessment process may be addressed to Shibu Joseph at or (718) 722-8556. Questions about the accountability status of schools should be addressed to Dawn Thompson at or (518) 474-7965.




Last Updated: December 1, 2010