Office of Accountability

 June 2010

To:           Superintendents of School Districts            

From:      Ira Schwartz

Subject:   Accountability System for Schools with Alternative Cohorts

Section 100.2(p)(16)(iii) of Commissioner’s Regulations allows schools in which more than half the students enrolled have previously been enrolled in another high school or in which more than half the enrollment is receiving special education services to voluntarily submit the performance of an alternative high school cohort. The alternative cohort in any given year shall consist of those students enrolled in the high school on the first Wednesday of October three years previously who were still enrolled in the school on the first Wednesday of October two years previously.

This memo is to inform you that LEAs with schools that wish to participate in the alternative cohort should contact SED for approval to use alternative cohort along with the regular cohort for accountability purposes. For the alternate cohort AYP results to be considered, the school needs to make alternate cohort AYP for all groups in both ELA & Math. 

The alternate cohort data submission template is available at the SED website The data submission deadline is August 13, 2010. If you have any questions, please contact Shibu Joseph at (718) 722 8556 or e-mail We look forward to continuing to work with you to develop appropriate measures to hold all students accountable for educational results.



John King
Jean Stevens
Maria (Parzych) Sokol
Shibu Joseph



Last Updated: March 15, 2011